Deceptive Trade Practice

Excessive Medical Fees Class Action Investigation

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Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is investigating potentially “unconscionable” or excessive fees for medical services charged in the District of Columbia by large health care providers such as MedStar Health. Recent studies have found that the prices for common exams and routine procedures vary wildly between offices separated by only a few miles. The Washington Post […]

Wage Theft

Unpaid Overtime Investigation for IT Workers, Including Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, System Administrators, and Software Engineers

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If you work long hours as an IT employee in Washington D.C., you may be owed a significant amount in overtime pay. Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating employers in Washington D.C. who fail to pay computer programmers, systems analysts, system administrators, software engineers, and similar employees time and a half for the hours […]