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Have You Been a Victim of CBD Fraud?

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Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating potential cases involving CBD fraud. The legalization of marijuana in certain states, combined with research that has revealed the medicinal benefits of CBD, has led to a boom in the market, a “green rush,” as companies try to get a piece of this new and lucrative pie. However, because the market is relatively new, CBD products are not heavily regulated which has led to a variety of fraudulent and deceptive practices.

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating the following issues associated with CBD fraud:

  • Overstating the medical benefits or applications of a product. Some products make exaggerated health claims similar to those made on pharmaceuticals, which are regulated by the FDA, while many CBD products are not.
  • Products that contain less CBD than advertised. Testing of some products has found that they contain less CBD than advertised and, in fact, at such low levels that they could not have a positive health effect.
  • Products that contain more CBD than advertised.  Testing of some products has found that they contain much more CBD than advertised, which can cause ill health effects.
  • Undisclosed negative side effects of a product. Cannabis plants can absorb substances that are harmful to humans like microbes, heavy metals and pesticides, and with a lack of a screening processes, some CBD products may contain these substances. Large amounts of CBD can also result in mood swings, especially in small children.

Have you experienced any of these with CBD products?

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