Asus GL502VS Gaming Laptop Battery Drain Defect Investigation

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Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is investigating complaints regarding a potential charging defect affecting the Asus GL502VS gaming laptop. Concerned owners have been reporting for several months that the GL502VS laptop can consume more power than the power supply can provide during certain activities, leading to battery loss even when the laptop is plugged in to a power source. Once the battery has been mostly drained while plugged in to a power source, consumers are reporting significantly reduced computing performance. Other consumers have reported a total computer shutdown during gaming or other intensive tasks when multiple peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and external monitors are attached to the computer during use.

Some owners have purchased a stronger power supply in an attempt to remedy the battery discharge issue, only to find that a costly power supply does not prevent the battery from draining.  Owners are reporting that the source of the underlying issue seems to be the laptop’s internal power management hardware, or another component in the system, which prohibits the laptop from drawing enough power to power the computer and charge the battery.

Many consumers have reported that attempts to remedy the issue by Asus have been unsuccessful. In an attempt to remedy the charging defect, owners are reporting that Asus distributed ineffective software patches, which not only failed to remedy the underlying issue, but also diminished the laptop’s computing and/or graphical performance.

Consumers who have sent their GL502VS laptops to Asus for warranty repairs are also reporting that the battery drain issue persists even after warranty service.

Consumers who bought the Asus GL502VS thought that they were purchasing a laptop that, like any other laptop on the market, can charge the battery while performing the computing tasks for which the computer was designed. Owners are rightfully concerned that their laptops are suffering from a battery drain defect that will only become more pronounced as the laptop’s battery loses durability and capacity over time.

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating potential claims against Asus relating to this defect. If you are interested in having your claim evaluated, please contact us below. We have significant experience in representing consumers in class action cases against technology and electronics companies.